Meet Rhonda

Hello my name is Rhonda Wallace . I am the owner of La ‘Sheri Necessities.

My love for fashion accessories started when I was a little girl. I would always play and wear my grandmother's jewelry. I would be amazed by the unique and beautiful pieces that she would wear. To me, a statement piece of jewelry or accessories can make an outfit stand out.

I majored in fashion merchandising in college and worked in fashion retail and modeled throughout my younger years. My career path has taken me in various directions of my life, but through it all I continued to incorporate my love for fashion,as I embark on the journey into entrepreneurship and owning La ‘Sheri Necessities I am relying on the strength of God and the support of my close family and friends

I hope through my curated collections of accessories you will develop your own personal style and love for fashion just as I have.



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